William Junkins House - York, ME

The William6 Junkins house is south on Route 1 from the Grant house and two miles west on Beech Ridge Road.

There two old houses in the property, originally owned by the McIntires. One of these is believed to be one of the earliest McIntire homes. There is a large McIntire family burial ground in the rear of the property.

The 1856 map of York shows William6 Junkins (John5, John4, Alexander3, Alexander2, Robert1), b. 1798, as owner of the property.

William6 was a carpenter, employed in various shipyards. He married Rebecca Nowell in January of 1827 and they lived in York all their lives. Rebecca survived William and lived in the house many years with her several children and a brother, Shadrack Nowell. The 1872 map of York shows Mrs. R. Junkins at the house and the 1890 census shows Rebecca Junkins, 86, and her brother living at the house.

In recent years, the property was owned by a pottery company. There was a large kiln behind the barn. The owner of the pottery company, Mr. Beaumont, took all the money a few years ago and ran off with his secretary, never to be found again. The property went over to the bank. In 1991, the bank failed and the present owners bought the property from the Federal Government in 1992.

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