Warren A. Schuster

Warren A. Schuster, 75, of Osprey, FL and formerly of South Main Street, Sylvania, OH, passed away Monday, January 29, 1996 at the Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

Warren was the husband of Evelyn (Junkins) Schuster and father of a daughter, Susan and son, James W.

Warren was a 1938 graduate of Burnham High School, a member of the Ottawa Hills Police Department and Fire Chief of the department from 1965 to 1975. He was elected to the Board of Public Affairs, serving as Chairman for four years. In 1960, he was elected to the City Council and retained that position for nine years. In 1969, Warren was elected Mayor of Sylvania and remained in that office for ten years. In 1979, he was appointed City Safety Director and in 1988, completed more than 34 years serving the city of Sylvania, OH.

Many members of the Junkins Family Association will remember Warren from the first Ohio reunion in August of 1990 in Maumee, OH and once again at the July 20, 1991 reunion when many membrs traveled from New England to meet their new found cousins in OH. And he is especially remembered for his hospitality at his home in Osprey, FL on March 8, 1995 as the group of Florida Junkins gathered once again for strawberry shortcake made by Evelyn (Junkins) Schuster and Betty Junkins.

A group of those Junkins sent a nice check to the Association for the Historical Marker Fund in memory of Warren.

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