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From JFA Newsletter no. 3, Winter 1990

Halbert's Strikes Again!

By the time you receive tis newsletter, most of you will have received a letter from Halbert's, Inc. of Bath, Ohio announcing the "exciting news for you and your fellow Junkinses! THE WORLD BOOK OF JUNKINSES."

I have written many times over the years about the Halbert's and their family books. Every family newsletter I receive and every family organization that I belong to has warned their members many times about these books. They are Genealogy "Hot To" books with a computer printout of the Junkinses from telephone and utility company records in the United States. They claim to have done "extensive work throughout the world on a project relating to your Junkins family name."

As an example of their extensive work, I quote from Mr. William C. Forman, who signed the promotional letter from the Halberts:

"The first Junkins we found came to Maine in 1651. His name was Robert. Like thousands of others, he sought a better life for himself in this land of opportunity."

It is well known that Robert came here as a prisoner of war and was sold into indentured service for a period of at least five years before he was set free. Mr. Forman also states that, "this first edition is expected to be the only printing of the Junkins book, ever." The Junkins book was first purchased by me on July 11th 1983 and has been offered for sale almost every year since. This is where I got my first major Junkins mail list and for $26.35, it was well worth it but as a genealogy of the Junkins family I will state again that it is only a "How To" book. If you want the mail list, I will give it to any member of the Junkins Family Association free.

If you have any questions about Halbert's, Inc. of Bath, Ohio, please write or call me.

Alan Junkins

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