The Junkins Family Association is Not Dead!

By Alan Junkins; from JFA Newsletter no. 2, Spring 1990

NO…it is not dead but it has been napping since 1985 when I started my own advertising agency business and became busier than a one-armed paper hanger. Yes, the Association has been napping but not totally asleep. We have made headway in several area and now I would like to regain your interest in the Association. Enclosed, former members will find their 1990 Charter Membership card, valid through December 31, 1990.

There are 51 members from around the country who returned their application forms and $10 for their Charter Membership. Probably most of you gave up on me long ago and figured that was $10 down the drain. I'm sorry about that and I hope that I can regain your interest in the organization. In this newsletter you will read about some of the things that we have accomplished with your ten dollars over the past several years.

My wife, Betty, and I have been to Scotland again and this time we went to Durham Cathedral where Robert Junkins and several thousand Scots were held captive before being sent to the colonies. I will give you a detailed report on that trip soon.

I have been able to keep in contact, off and on, with several of the members and we have met in York on several occasions during the past 5 years to try to gain permission for access to the Junkins Garrison property and the small burial plot1 that is at the site of the Garrison.

Donald Junkins of Deerfield, MA, Roland Junkins of Franklin, NH and Miriam Proulx of Salem, NH, along with Betty and I went to work in an attempt to gain the right to re-set the stones at the Garrison site and protect it for future generations of Junkins. With Donald doing the major pushing and shoving (of which there was a great deal necessary), the following reports are submitted…2

Alan Junkins

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