Junkins Since the Civil War - An Editorial

From JFA newsletter no. 6, Summer 1992

Many of you received a post card advertisement during the past three month from the Family News Network, 1181 S. Parker Rd., Denver, CO 80231. This card said:

"Dear (your name),
We've finaly finished our genealogy book on
the family in America. It indexes most of the
family, complete with birth and death dates
and places, as well as current resident records!
To encourage everybody to get a copy, its on
sale thru June 10, 1992 for only $23 (save $7
off the regular price of $30."

Several members of the Junkins Family Association have called me to find out if the book was worthwhile. I am glad that they did call so that I could advise them not to be tempted by this advertisement. I told them that I had ordered the book and that I would report on it in our newsletter. I have received my copy and the following is my opinion…

1. You received this advertisement because the Family News network found your name listed either, in the telephone directory or on the Public Utility lists. This is public information, which anyone can get in the public library or several other places.

2. The first sentence, "We've finally finished our genealogy book on the family in America.", is very misleading. Our genealogy and the family does not tell you who or what family they are talking about.

3. Second sentence, "It indexes most of the family, complete with birth and death dates and places…" In another place on the card it says, "1147 birth and death records of Junkins who have lived and died in America over the past century." The book actually contains only 686 records on 38 pages.

There is No Genealogical Information in this Book…of Any Kind, on Any Family!

This Exact Information is Available at any L.D.S. Library for a Total Cost of $1.90!

The total book is nothing more than a printout of the Social Security Death Index, and the addresses of Junkins from the major telephone books in America. If there is anyone in the Association that feels a need for this information, I would be glad to furnish it from my own records. Please don't waste your $23.


P.S. A check for complete refund of all money was issued three days after I mailed the book back. No questions asked.

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