September 1650

An account of the Battle of Dunbar, September 1, 1650

Wednesday - September 4, 1650
Robert Junkins Europe America
The captured Scots were marched south. At noon they were fed sacks of
horse fodder. That night they stopped near the moors. They were divided
into two groups and slept in the rough grass between the road and the sea.
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Thursday - September 5, 1650
Robert Junkins Europe America
By mid morning the captured Scots reached the edge of Berwick at the
Lamberton Toll. Three miles on to the Scots Gate at Berwick-Upon-Tweed
and on to English soil, never to see Scotland again. Across the fifteen arch
stone bridge spanning the Tweed to Tewwdmouth. Each prisoner was given
three hard biscuits and a measure of peas. In the afternoon the two groups
were merged together. That night they lay in a field beyond Tweedmouth. It
rained all night.
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