Roland Junkins Reports on the Joseph Junkins Cemetery

By Roland Junkins; published in JFA Newsletter no. 4, Summer 1991

I've ordered a replacement for Lydia Junkins stone. It will be made in granite, which is much more durable than marble. It's being cut in Vermont and will be ready for delivery around the first of May. It was fortunate that the only portion of her original stone that remained contained her date of death (15 May 1856) — which of course gave positive identification. I also discovered that the completely intact stone of Charlotte, daughter of Joseph and Lydia. It was lying under several inches of soil still attached to its granite base. It is now cleaned and re-erected on its original site.

For those cousins who have the Harry Alexander Davis Junkins Family[1] book, I discovered York records indicating that Sylvester Junkins (page 145) did, in fact, marry in York, Miss Sarah Elizabeth Keen on 18 March, 1841.

Sylvester's stone, which my brother and I found in the woods, indicated that he died in 1846, not 1848 as Harry Alexander Davis reported. His daughter, Mary, was born in 1842 and died 24 January 1847.

Roland Junkins

1. Davis, Harry Alexander. The Junkins Family, Descendants of Robert Junkins of York County, Maine. Washington, D.C., 1938.
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