Ralph Lowe Memories (1867-1960)

From Roland Junkins; published in JFA newsletter no. 8, Summer 1993

"I have always had an impression that, considering the small size of the hamlet, York Corner contained a surprising number of highly intelligent men. They were not seafarers, but came mostly from the farming class. George F. Plaisted kept store all his life and was the first man to publish a York paper, which was called, 'The York Courant.' For a long time he was town clerk. His penmanship was beautiful, the letters being partly printed out. Directly across the street was another store kept by Charles H. Junkins, member of a well-known family of Scotch origin. His father, G. Washington Junkins, commonly abbreviated to 'Wash,' was a farmer but with marked business and legal ability. He would have made an excellent lawyer. His oldest son, Sam Junkins, was for many years a clerk at the Navy Yard. G. Washington Junkins had two brothers, living not far away, Joseph P. Junkins and Luther Junkins, both having the same turn toward law and business. In the upper part of two were to other relatives, Charles Pinckney and Charles Wisdom Junkins, and they also were men of much ability."

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