Junkins Family Photo History Project

From JFA newsletter no. 9, October 1994

Ken Junkins, Director, Junkins Family Association is starting a project of visual archiving for the Association. The goal of this project is to produce an archive of photographs of living and deceased descendants of Robert and Sarah Junkins, as well as photographs of houses, buildings, headstones and events of historical significance to the Association. This archive will be stored on CD in a KODAK PHOTO CD format so that it can be easily viewed and reproduced for interested Association members.

To start this project off, Ken is gathering information regarding the location and possession of photographs of interest. This would include photographs of deceased Junkins; portrait-style photos of living Junkins; candid shots of Junkins in historical settings or events; headstones of Junkins and their descendants; houses, buildings or property owned by Junkins; and various artifacts or documents of historical significance (i.e., the Junkins cradle or Robert's will). This information will help in planning the project. Once planned, the photographs will be borrowed for scanning and immediately returned.

A CD can store up to 3,000 photographs and can be viewed on computer with a CD-ROM drive or on a television with a photo-CD unit. Photographs could be incorporated into newsletters or other documents or printer out using a variety of black and white or color printers. Please send the following information only for each photograph.

(e.g., Albert B. Junkins, or Junkins Farm arch)

Date Photo Taken:

Owner of Location of Photo:
(book title, author and page number if published)

Brief note on the photo:

Send to:

Ken Junkins, Director
Junkins Family Association
99 Trenton Avenue
Morrisville, PA 19067

Note: Please send the information only, the photographs will be called for at a later time

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