Old York Historical Society Computer Fund

Published in JFA newsletter no. 10, July 1995

In January of this year, the Junkins Family Association received a request from Virginia Spiller, Librarian at the Old York Historical Society (OYHS), for help in funding a computer system for the library. The Society has been very helpful and supportive to the Junkins family for many years and many artifacts from the family and the Junkins Garrison are held in the Society's collection.

With the vast collection of historical, genealogical and family-related materials in the library, it has become absolutely necessary to change over to a computer system rather than the old card system. In March, our Board of Directors approved a $250 donation from the general funds toward the OYHS computer and a check was sent by our treasurer. In June, the Society moved into their new quarters in the bank building recently purchased in the Village Center and today their new computer is installed and working. Below you will see the letter received in response to the Junkins Family Association donation.

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