Old York Heritage Campaign

The following article appeared in JFA Newsletter no. 15, Winter 2006.

The Old York Historical Society has been preserving, discovering and interpreting the history of the York region since its founding as the Old York Historic and Improvement Society in 1896. As a result of this legacy, Old York is the steward of the country's most important collection of historic buildings, landscapes, artifacts, images and documents pertaining to America's first chartered city. Through museum tours, living history demonstrations, gallery talks, educational programs and an exemplary archival library, Old York shares the region's history with thousands of visitors each year.

The Junkins family has been a major part of Old York's history since 1660 when Robert1 Junkins first came to York. We have an opportunity to help carry forward the vital work begun more than a hundred years ago by the founders of the Old York Historic and Improvement Society when they opened the Old Gaol Museum. Creating facilities to house more diverse programs for children and adults. [sic]

On October 21, 2005, trustees, staff, members and representatives of some of York's oldest families met to dedicate the new Junkins Family Scottish Heritage Room, made possible by the generous bequest of Roland Winslow Junkins. The large room adjoins the research library. In recent years, it has served as the conference room where Old York volunteer committees and the board met. Richly appointed with mahogany paneling and carved mantle piece, the room has been refitted as a center dedicated to the study and preservation of material associated with the Junkins family and the first settlers of York's "Scotland District."

Vision for the Future

Now, Old York seeks community support for the first major capital campaign undertaking in its history. For over one hundred years, local families and organizations have come together to preserve and promote the history of the York region. From the many volunteers who give their time every year, to the donations of furniture and artifacts from area families, the community has shown that the preservation and interpretation of its heritage is a vital investment. Now, Old York is asking our community and the Junkins Family Association to join in this effort by making financial commitments to this project. By becoming a participant in the Old York Heritage Campaign, you become a part of the process of preserving our Junkins heritage for future generations.

As a result of Old York's long-range planning, the museum has launched the Old York Heritage Campaign. With a firm commitment to its mission and a belief in the museum's value to the community, the Board of Trustees has announced a community-wide challenge to raise a total of $2.8 million to complete these projects and enhance the financial stability of this superb local history museum.

The Financial Plan

Orientation, Education and Exhibition Facility $1,200,000
* Orientation Gallery construction, exhibits and displays
* Multi-purpose educational facility
* Restoration of the Jefferds' Tavern keeping room
* Interpretation and orientation plan
* Endowment for annual upkeep
Ramsdell House Restoration $250,000
* Restoration and research
* Interpretation Plan
* Endowment for annual upkeep
Endowment and Reserves $1,125,000
* Curator Endowed Fund
* Perkins Fellow Endowed Fund
* Library & Archives Endowed Fund
* Historic Buildings Endowed Fund
Project Costs and Fees $225,000
TOTAL $2,800,000

The Junkins Family Association has an opportunity to carry forward the vital work begun more than a hundred years ago by the founders of the Old York Historic and Improvement Society and some of your own Junkins family ancestors when they opened the Old Gaol Museum. Creating facilities to house more diverse programs for children and adults, preserving the Ramsdell House to present neglected aspects of regional history, and securing the organization's future with enhanced endowments will ensure that Old York continues to thrive and play a meaningful role in the life of our community.

We can honor the foresight of Roland Winslow Junkins, Elizabeth Perkins and others by making the best use of the buildings, objects and documents they left, as educational resources.

Let us make our legacy the preservation of these treasures so future generations of Junkins can find fascination and meaning through their ongoing exploration.

Supporting Old York

Old York is seeking multi-year commitments to fund the expansion and renovation of facilities, as well as to increase endowment. These projects require investments that will defray the costs of renovations, construction and other immediate needs. Donors are encouraged to consider current or outright gifts to support these needs. Such gifts will be credited at the full cash value on the date the contribution is transferred to Old York.

Naming Opportunities

All donors who make a gift of $5,000 or more will have the opportunity to have their name attached to that gift. Pledges, cash, securities, matching gifts, and other property are all methods of making a donation. For more detailed information regarding the gift arrangements, please contact Anne Homme, Development Director, at (207) 363-4974.

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