JFA Officers & Directors - 2006

President - Kenneth Junkins, Yardley, PA

Vice President - Donald Junkins, Deerfield, MA

Secretary - Lee Hodgin, Brunswick, ME

Treasurer - David B. Junkins, Huntington, MA

Co-Archivists - Kevin Junkins, Mohegan Lake, NY and Adam Junkins, Dowington, PA

Founder - Alan D. Junkins, York, ME

Directors and Director Teams:

  • Kevin and Maryann Junkins
  • Ann (Hathaway) Cheney
  • Cliff and Mary Jo Junkins
  • Walter and Jean Junkins
  • Thomas J. Junkins
  • James and Leona Junkins
  • Phillip and Becky Junkins
  • Ruth and Tom Hodgin
  • Karl and Joanne Junkins
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