New Members

From JFA Newsletter no. 4, Summer 1991

Charles T. Junkins, Russellville, KY

Sonya Junkins Lord, French Gulch, CA

Clifford E. Junkins, Sr., Holyoke, MA

Chester G. Junkins, Hampden, ME

Ronald C. Junkins, Hampden, ME

Walter F. Junkins, Camp Hill, PA

Robert W. White, West Peabody, MA

Ruth B. McBee, LaMarque, TX

Thomas J. Junkins, Jr., Arkansas, KS

Linda Rae Leck, Sanford, ME

Curtis K. Johnson, Billings, MT

Carleton Aubrey Junkins, Winterport, ME

Elizabeth A. Potts, Galloway, OH

Douglas Elforest Junkins, Port St. Lucie, FL

Jerrold J. Junkins, Livermore Falls, ME

Alan P. Sullivan, Wilmington, NC

Robert Junkins, Lima, OH

Grace Junkins, Lima, OH

Chester W. Pugh, Weston, OH

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