From Your President

By Alan Junkins; from JFA Newsletter no. 4, Summer 1991

Quite a few tings have been happening since the last newsletter and the officers of the Association have certainly been busy. We have received 19 new members since last December, most of them through the newsletter, which was mailed to all 87 members at that time and to about 150 other Junkins that I have on my master mail list of Junkins in America. That was the last time that the newsletter will be mailed to the general list, as the cost of postage (forty-five cents per newsletter), and the cost of printing is just too much to send it our free to non-members. From this point on, the newsletter will go only to members and selected libraries and historical societies. If you have either in your area that you would like to see have the newsletter in their genealogical section, please send me their name and address and, if they are not already on the mail list, I will add them to it.

Many members, new and old, have been added to our genealogy program and I have sent out hundreds of pages of Family Group Sheets and Pedigree Charts. We now have over 2,200 Robert Junkins descendants and allied families on the computer and I am adding more every day. If you have not received a Pedigree Chart or Family Group Sheets, let me know. It is probably because you have not sent me the initial information that I need to start entering you on the computer.

David Junkins, Treasurer, has been busy sending renewal notices to members as their anniversary date comes up and managing the Association bank account. There is a short financial report elsewhere in this issue.

Ruth Hodgin, Secretary, has been at work sending letters of welcome and membership cards to all new members and taking care of other correspondence.

Donald Junkins, Vice President, has been writing several articles for this issue and planning for the future events of the Association.

Roland Junkins, Director, along with his nephew and niece-in-law, have spent many days and weekends restoring and working on the clean-up of the Junkins cemeteries of York. You will read much about it in this issue.

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