No! No! No!...

From JFA newsletter no. 9, October 1994

Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware)

Like the "Energizer Bunny," the Halberts of Bath, Ohio keep publishing and publishing and I will keep warning and warning.

In the last newsletter, I published a warning that The World Book of Junkins would be coming soon. In this morning's mail, I received my personalized offer from Halberts of Bath, Ohio to order my limited edition copy of The World Book of Junkins. I hope that none of our friends in the Junkins Family Association or anyone reading this newsletter will be tempted to purchase this book. If you read the second paragraph of the letter, you will get a sense of the amount of research that has gone into it.

"The first Junkins we found came to Maine in 1651. His name was Robert. Like thousands of others, he sought a better life for himself in this land of opportunity."

Had the copywriters spent at least two more minutes researching Robert Junkins, they would know that Robert Junkins came here as a prisoner of war, held captive in the hold of the ship "Unity" with 125 other prisoners for almost three months, then sold as a slave, to serve his master for the next seven years. Robert Junkins sought only to survive one more day. True, he did eventually find a better life in this land of opportunity.

"This unique publication also has an artist's drawing of an early Junkins Coat of Arms dating back centuries that is translated into everyday language."

Robert Junkins, christened 24 December 1621 at Brechin Cathedral, was a farmer. He was the son of William and Elspit Maull Jonking, tenant farmers on the estate of Careston, owned by the Carnegies of Balnamoon. There is no known Coat of Arms for Junkins nor is it probably that there ever was one.

"You'll also be provided with an international directory of virtually every Junkins household (with address)."

If any member of the Junkins Family Association has need of this list of 576 households, I would be happy to provide it to you at no cost.

Alan D. Junkins, Founder & President

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