Maumee Attendees

The following people attended the 1990 Maumee, OH JFA reunion.

From JFA Newsletter no. 3, Winter 1990

Mabel L. Cline Credersville, OH
Dorothy Heilman Custar, OH
Jacob Heilman Custar, OH
Dale Haas Bowling Green, OH
Betty Haas Bowling Green, OH
Evelyn Junkins Schuster Osprey, FL
Warren Schuster Osprey, FL
Mildred Junkins Hertzfeld Waterville, OH
Irene H. Trumbull Weston, OH
Loy Junkins Rossford, OH
Betty Junkins Rossford, OH
Karl Junkins Maumee, OH
Joanne Junkins Maumee, OH
Alan Junkins Aston, PA
Betty Junkins Aston, PA
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