Madeline (Ramsdell) Junkins

Madeline (Ramsdell) Junkins, 79, died Saturday, February 14, 2009 at Yourville Hospital & Rehabilitation Center in MA.

Born April 8, 1929, in Dover, NH, she was the daughter of Charles and Cora Ramsdell. Raised in Newmarket, NH, she graduated from Newmarket High School. In recent years, she was a volunteer at Portsmouth Regional Hospital, both with the Portsmouth Regional Hospital and the Senior Friends.

She married Ernest M. Junkins in 1979 and had three children: Janie (Junkins) Ramont of Fayetteville, NY; Robin (Junkins) Maiden of Wellesley, MA; and Kenneth Junkins of Ann Arbor, MI. She also had three grandchildren: MacVicar Ramont, Katherine Ramont and Adam Junkins. She is buried in High Street Cemetery, Hampton, NH.

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