Mabel Cline Hosts Lunch for Cousins

From JFA newsletter no. 6, Summer 1992

On a beautiful April day, Mabel10 Cline (Goldie9, Eber8, Thomas7, Samuel6, Samuel5, Samuel4, Joseph3, Alexander2, Robert1), held a luncheon for her cousins and spouses at her retirement complex. Mabel resides at Otterbein Retirement Village in Cridersville, Ohio. The complex is a Methodist affiliate and was designed as a retirement complex. Mabel lives in her own lovely condo but may use the dining service to entertain guests.

After first visiting in Mabel's condo and enjoying the delicious meal, the group was taken on a tour of the facilities, including the assisted care unit where Mabel, age 83, recently spent some time because of a broken wrist from a fall.

Most traveled to Cridersville with Dale and Betty Haas in their comfortable motor home. They include Dale's sisters and husbands, Florence and Carl Martens, Dorothy and Jake Heilman, and Irene Trumbull and cousin, Loy Junkins and his wife, Betty. Karl and Joanne Junkins, motored south alone missing all the fun of the trip. After the tour, the group arrived back at Mabel's home, Robert Junkins and his mother, Grace, both of nearby Lima, joined them for a lively, fun visit. The get-together was a direct result of last year's Wood County reunion and the Association's assistance. Long live the Association.

Karl and Joanne Junkins

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