Leigh Carol (Allen) Woznick

Leigh Carol (Allen) Woznick10 (Charles Willis Allen9, Laurence Came Allen8, Fred John Allen7, John Allen6, Jotham Allen5, Margarette Junkins4, John3, Joseph2, Robert1), born August 18, 1962, is the eldest of three daughters born to Charles and Paula (Grossman) Allen.

Leigh described herself as a "redhead, bossy kid." "We used to put on plays for the family and neighbors," she says, "which I always wrote and directed, being the oldest." She took ballet lessons, poetry classes and went to camp with her sister, Pam, and cousins, Laura and Jessica. She was in every club imaginable in high school. Leigh graduated from Rutgers University with honors, a B.A. in English, minor in Medieval History and a certificate in French.

Leigh was Editor-in-Chief of the Rutgers University Literary Magazine and attended the New York University Publishing Institute. She then went to work in Manhattan in trade publishing and then in New Jersey in corporate publishing.

Leigh now is a freelance proofreader, researched and copyeditor. She also creates crossword puzzles for Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, among others. She is a third generation murder mystery fan.

Leigh met her husband, Richard John Woznick, at Rutgers and they married on May 4, 1985. They had twins, Kevin and Allison who were born and died in 1988, being too premature. On January 24, 1990, they had a daughter, Katherine Lynn and on July 17, 1993, a daughter Emily Jessica. They now live in Bridgewater, NJ.

Leigh and her family are very special to the Junkins and the Junkins Family Association. For many years it was felt that the Joseph line was a dead end as there were no known descendants of Robert's first son Joseph2. In 1711, Joseph was living at the Garrison with his wife, Abigail Ingersoll, his mother Sarah, who was 56 years old, his brother Alxander2 and his wife Katherine and son Samuel3, and his brother Daniel2 and Daniel's wife Eleanor. On Tuesday, April 2, 1711, Joseph was fishing not far from the Garrison with his friend Daniel Dill. When they started back to the Garrison with their catch, a band of five Indians jumped the two men. The Indians stripped them of their clothes and shoes and scalped the two, leaving them for dead. Daniel Dill died immediately, but Joseph was able to rise and make his way back to the Garrison to tell his story. He died several hours later at the Garrison. Joseph's wife, Abigail, was four months pregnant with their son, John3, who was born at the Garrison on September 11, 1711.

John3 Junkins married Sarah Beal in December of 1740 and they had three daughters: Sarah4, born November 8, 1742, Mary4, born June 2, 1744, and Margarette4, born October 2, 1746.

That had always been the end of this line of Junkins until Leigh Carol Woznick wrote to JFA asking for information on her ancestor Margarette Junkins, born October 2, 1746, who married Joel Allen in 1767. As a result of Leigh's letter, 262 descendants of Joseph and Abigail (Ingersoll) Junkins were brought to light; 198 of these are direct line descendants; 64 of the 262 are spouses. The list of 262 descendants was published in JFA newsletter no. 11, May 1996 and were added to the JFA genealogical database.

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