Laurelle Junkins Christie

From JFA newsletter no. 10, July 1995

Laurelle and Rick and their two sons, Richard and Shane, of Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania, spent a week of their vacation with her parents, Alan and Betty Junkins, over the Fourth of July. The spent the week swimming, walking, shopping, eating lobster, watching the fireworks and other good things. While Laurelle, Shane and Betty went shopping, Rick and Richard took grandpa Alan fishing in the York River by the bridge on Scotland Bridge Road. Richard, 5 years old, who loves to fish, was disappointed when his grandfather caught the first five fish. Grandpa then turned his "sweet spot" over to Richard who immediately caught three fish. Rick spent most of his time running back and forth, baiting hooks, untangling lines and taking fish off hooks.

Below, Richard, Laurelle and Shane take time to visit the grave of their gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-grandfather Samuel Junkins.

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