Junkins Store - York, ME

At York Corners, is what was once known as the Junkins Store. Washington6 Junkins, (Joseph5, Samuel4, Joseph3, Alexander2, Robert1), first operated the store, which sold general merchandise. It served as general store and meeting place for the community for well over 150 years. Washington6 "Wash" Junkins, b. 1815, married Catherine Bragdon in 1838 and they had four children: Julia7 M., Samuel W., Charles H. and Joseph Howard.

Julia7 was a school teacher for many years in the community. She died in 1918 at York, unmarried.

Samuel7 W. Junkins also was a successful school teacher, a surveyor and conveyor of titles. He was quite active in civic affairs and had a hand in getting the railroad to York Beach. Samuel built the house that still stands to the left of the store. It is now owned by Paul Abbot and has been made into apartments. Samuel also owned a large, highly desirable piece of property known as Huidekuper Field. The Field was located on the York River between Seawall's Bridge and York Harbor. In August 1890, Samuel sold the Field for $8,000 to a group of gentlemen interested in providing a golf course for the residents of York. It is now the York Country Club. Samuel died in March 1929, unmarried. Samuel kept a diary for over twenty years. Each day, he wrote at least a full page of his travels, business transactions and community events. The complete set of diaries is in the library at the Old York Historical Society.

Charles7 Howard Junkins married Ida A. Wentwork of Kittery in 1871. He inherited the Junkins Store and carried on the business until his death in 1917. At that time, his son, Samuel8 H. Junkins took over and ran the business.

The store is now (1994) occupied by the "Chiropractic Works." In the central portion of the building, which has additions, you can see the original hand-hewed beams across the vaulted ceiling.

Joseph7 Howard Junkins lived in the restored white Victorian house across the triangle from the store. It is commonly known as the "Pokey Frost House." Joseph married Sophie B. Fuller in 1883. He died in 1933, leaving no children. The Junkins Family Association was given Joseph Howard's family Bible and it is now held in our archives. In the mid-1990s, the house underwent complete restoration.

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