The Junkins China Wedding

Taken from the Burlington, Kansas newspaper in March of 1882 and published in JFA newsletter no. 16, Summer 2008

The Junkins China Wedding was Samuel and Julia Junkins' 20th Wedding Anniversary.

One of the pleasantest parties has been given in or about Burlington for years, was the china wedding of Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Junkins; on the evening of March 7th. Their family residence, one mile north of the city, was filled to overflowing with the best citizens of Burlington and vicinity, and regrets were received from many who were unavoidably kept away. Mrs. Junkins had every thing arranged in perfect order for the reception of guests and right royally were entertained.

The evening was passed in social chat, conversation and innocent amusement, and was highly enjoyed by all present. Of the good things in the way of refreshments life is too short for us to enumerate one-half of them; but suffice it to say that the tables were leaded down with all the good things that could be produced in a land of abundance like ours, and were partaken of with a hearty relish by the assembled friends. Perfect enjoyment was the order of the evening and "All went merry as a marriage bell" until a late hour when the guests retired for their homes, first wishing Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Junkins a long and prosperous life, and that they might also enjoy many happy anniversaries of their wedded life.

Among the presents received we noticed the following:

China tea-set - Virgil Harter and wife, Mrs. Shaw, M. E. Grimes and wife, J. M. Lane and wife, James Redmond and wife, A. L. Woodford and wife, Mrs. M. E. Williams and Orson Kent and wife.

Set China tea-plates, ornamented - A. C. Majors and wife and H. J. Willett and wife.

Berry dish and spoon, glass and silver - David Grimes and wife, G. W. Button and wife, D. Blakesley and wife, Geo. Hall and wife, W. C. Sears and wife, G. C. Wattles and wife, Thos. Cross and wife, Geo. Wheeler and wife.

Chamber set - A. H. Weir and wife, W. H. Shea and wife, H. L. Jarboe and wife, Geo. H. Dickinson and wife, W. E. Hall and wife, F. P. Wells and wife, Jno E. Watrous and wife and W. J. Sanders and wife.

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