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Robert1 Junkins
b. ca. 1621, Scotland, d. Dec 1699, York, Maine
b. 1671
b. 1675/76
b. ca. 1680
b. 1 Nov 1710
b. 9 Oct 1735
b. Mar 1785

We are searching for descendants of this Alexander5. Born in the Junkins Garrison, Scotland Parish, York County, Maine in March 1785. He married (1) Judith Moulton, born 1791, intention dated 15 December 1810. He inherited the homestead and all estate on his father's death 1811-20, in accordance provisions in the will of his grandfather, Alexander Junkins. Judith died 26 January 1817 and is buried in the southwest corner of the homestead lot.1 Whether she was the first to be buried in this family lot is not definitely known, but the indications are that at least two children preceded her, whose graves had no stones.

The stories connected with this burial plot vary. It is stated in the New England Register, XXVIII-269 in 1872, that "when he was asked why he started a cemetery in his front yard, he would smile and answer that when he was buried he desired to be where he could hear Parson Hemingway preach on Sundays." This Parson Hemingway was the minister at Wells, Maine and evidently filled in at the 2nd Parish church during the period they had no regular minister, 1806-1825. Incidentally, it may be stated that this burial plot was directly across the main highway from the 2nd Parish church. The other story of local tradition, and more probable, is that the Selectmen desired to cut a road thru this side of his land. By establishing a cemetery where is was located, just off the main highway, they would not have authority to make the road as desired.

He married (2) 11 January 1818, Hannah Langdon, born York County, Maine in 1794. She died 29 July 1838 and is buried in the family lot. He married (3), Hannah Bragdon, born 11 January 1791, intention date 12 December 1838.

He was a farmer, does not appear to have held any public office. He died 2 July 1844 and is buried in the family lot. In 1925, the stones of Judith, Hannah and Alexander5 were made visible by slight excavations and the inscriptions taken down. These three graves were all that were discovered with stones.

In 1936, a personal inspection by Harry Alexander Davis did not disclose these three stones as they were again covered with earth and grass and weeds. No excavations were made.

In 1979, these three stones were again uncovered by Roland and Donald Junkins. This is one of the most important burial sites found as it is located just yards from what was once the front door of the Junkins Garrison. These three stones, shown below as photographed by Alan Junkins in May of this year, are dangerously near the highway and prime subjects for vandals.

The restoration and protection of this important Junkins family burial plot is the first and most important concern of the Junkins Family Association. In order to accomplish this project, we are in desperate need of the knowledge of a living direct descendant of Alexander5. The landowner who owns the land where these the burial plots are has refused to allow the restoration of these three stones nor allow anyone to even set foot on the property. YOU CAN HELP!2

Alexander5 had the following children:
1. Alvin, b. 9 Jul 1811, d. 1886
I. 2. Alexander6, b. 9 Sep 1818
3. Son, b. 1815, d. infancy
4. Child, b. 1817, d. infancy
5. Henry, b. 182-, d. infancy
6. Bradford, b. 14 Jan 1824, d. 1 Jul 1865
II. 7. Joseph Hilliard6, b. Jun 1826
8. Horace Alvin, b. 25 Feb 1828, m. Mary Earle, d. 5 Dec 1865
III. 9. Henry M.6, b. 1832
10. Judith, b. 1836, m. Jared P. Hubbard


Alexander6. Born at the Junkins Garrison, York County, Maine 9 Sep 1813. He attended the District school but was largely self-educated. When about 17 years of age, he was apprenticed to learn the trade of tanner and currier and served three years in Eliot, Maine, during which time he received board and clothes. He then worked a year at Saco, Maine, then went to Boston, Massachusetts where he was employed for two years. He then removed to Berwick, Maine where he opening a tannery. He married 2 Apr 1837, Elizabeth L. Staples, born Maine in 1818 and probably at Eliot. He operated his tannery for some 18 years and finally selling out, removed to Eliot where he engaged in farming. He served as representative in the Maine legislature 1848-50, and 1856 was a member of the Senate; was Deputy Sheriff of Yok County for 3 years and Selectman for several years. He was elected Moderator more than fifty times.

In 1887, they removed to Greenland, New Hampshire and lived a retired life. In 1894, he was Representative from this district being the oldest member of the House. He was a Democrat in politics. We have no data on their deaths, both living in 1896. The town records would disclose the dates, if anyone has the time to search for us.


Joseph Hilliard6. Born in the Junkins Garrison, York County, Maine in 1826. He was a currier and tanner by trade. He was married 5 Jun 1851 at Boston, Mass. to Mary E. C. Speed, born Rollingford, New Hampshire in 1831. Resided at Berwick, Maine to about 1858 when they removed to Salmon Falls, New Hampshire where he is listed in 1860 as a tanner.

Joseph H. Junkins came to York just after the Junkins Garrison burned and spent the night at the home of Charles Junkins, We have no data on the death of either Joseph or Mary; he was apparently deceased before 15 December 1892.

1. Alvin W., b. 1852, d. before 1935
IV. 2. Hiram Alexander7, b. 3 Jul 1854


Henry6. Born in the Junkins Garrison, York County, Maine in 1832. In all records, save one, he appears with the single name of Henry. James Grant, of York, was appointed his guardian in 1844 after the death of his father and in this record, his name appears as Henry M. Junkins. He married at Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1861, Emily Fernald, born York, Maine 1829, resided some years near Kittery, Maine then moved to New Hampshire. He died in Rochester about 1909 and she died in 1918.

V. 1. Ida Ellen7, b. 1862


Hiram Alexander7, b. 3 Jul 1854, m. Addelette Heath Leland, d. 15 Jan 1927.

1. Ralph Allen8
2. Lottie Belle8, b. 15 Nov 1881, m. Walter E. Goodwin
a. Helen Junkins Goodwin, b. 1 Nov 1911
b. Robert Eugene Goodwin, b. 30 Oct 1918
3. Dorothy Speed8, b. 4 Nov 1886
4. Leland Goodwin8, b. 4 Sep 1898


Ida Ellen7, b. 1862, m. Charles A. Davis.

1. Emily Christine Davis8, b. 13 Sep 1883
2. Gladys Rose Davis8, b. 6 Aug 1888, m. Leon C. Robinson
3. Wayne Edward Davis8, b. 8 Jun 1890, m. (1) Ada R. Rounds, (2) Mary King Badge
4. Roger Hayford Davis8, b. 12 Jul 1891, m. Effie Florence Day
5. Horace Junkins Davis8, b. 13 Feb 1893, m. Hazel Lillian Wingate
a. Elizabeth Davis9, b. 26 Oct 1923
6. Dorothea Davis8, b. 26 Jun 1900
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