Good News for Junkins

From JFA Newsletter no. 1, November 1984

Over 20 years ago I saw, for the first time, a copy of The Junkins Family, Descendants of Robert Junkins of York County, Maine by Harry Alexander Davis. I had seen the book several times at the York county Historical Society, The Western Reserve Historical Society and many people have written to me about this book. Since the first time I saw it, 20 years ago, I have been searching for a copy of it. I know that many of our Junkins cousins have also been searching for it. Some of you have been lucky enough to have a copy that has been handed down through the family. Now it is available!

In the 1984 issue of "The Higginson Bulletin," a reprint of the book has been offered. The reprint is a 8-1/2" X 11" copy, 197 pages, hand-stitched with a cloth reinforced spine. For those of you who have never seen this book, I will try to tell you a little about it. Published in Washington, D.C. in 1938 by Harry Alexander Davis, I first quote a portion of the Preface.

"The object for this work is to fill a blank space in family history caused by the lack of any printed records of any branch of this family, excepting a few individual brief biographies in some of the local histories, also a desire to leave some record of our connection with this family.

"The record is based on documentary and other legitimate evidence, we have accepted no traditional records at face value, where such records are mentioned they are so stated. We have recorded the facts as found without deviation or partiality. A Considerable number of persons have been located who refused to furnish any information.

"Some errors may have crept in, particularly in the case of living members who would not furnish accurate information of themselves, and as their records are second hand information they may not be accurate.

"To those who have furnished information reguarding themselves, and others of their branch we herewith extend our thanks for their cooperation, each one has been credited in the body of this work for their assistance."

The book is fully indexed and in many cases carries Robert Junkins and his three sons, Joseph, Alexander and Danial down 7 to 8 generations.

In future issues of this newsletter I will probably be quoting from this book many times as there is a great deal of personal information about the family that will be of great interest to those of you who have not read about your progenitor. The Association will be happed to search the book for your lines if you will provide us with as much information as you know along with as many dates and places as possible and a large self-addressed-stamped envelope. It is our hope in the future to be able to supplement this book with as many current lines of descent to the present as possible.

I can recommend that if you have been looking for a copy of this book here is your chance to get it. I ordered it some time ago and I must say that it took at least 7 weeks to get it but I was pleased.

It can be ordered from:

Higginson Genealogical Books
Derby Square
Salem, Massachusetts 01970

Order: Junkins. The Desc. of Robt. Junkins of York Co., Maine by H. A. Davis, 197p. Washington, D.C. 1938 $30.00 include $1.00 for postage and handling.

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