Friends and Members

Written by Alan Junkins and published in JFA newsletter no. 13, March 2002

Dear friends and members of the Junkins Family Association,

A lot has happened since you received newsletter #12 and our last reunion in Pennsylvania in 2000. It has been a difficult yet wonderful period of my life. The sudden death of my wife Betty, a new beginning and a new adventure with Nancy. Our marriage, combining our households and lives in York, and travel both overseas and here in the States. And then to top it all off, the events of 9-11, which have affected all of our lives.

One of the most demanding projects of the past six years has been my involvement with the affairs of our Junkins family homestead and the Town of York. The Junkins family and its relationship with the Old York Historical Society has continually grown over the years and the family name is once again well known in the community, as it was in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. I have been the town's Editorial Cartoonist every week in the local papers, the York Weekly and the York Independent for the past six years. I have served as a town-appointed member of the Historic Markers Committee, researching York's history and designing and creating Historic Markers throughout York, and have served for six years as Treasurer and a Director on the Town of York's 350th Anniversary Committee.

This year, 2002, is the 350th anniversary of the incorporation of the Town of York. In 1657, your ancestor, Robert Junkins came to York to find his way in the new world. He is the father of our Junkins family in America. Over 7,000 known descendants are in our computer base now, with many times that yet to be found. This is an important time in the Town of York and the Junkins Family Association.

Our 350th Anniversary Committee has created a giant year-long celebration, which started New Year's weekend with three days of Opening Ceremony events and culminating with over 3,500 Yorkers dancing in the street in front of First Parish Church and the Town Hall, singing God Bless America and enjoying great fireworks right in the Village at the stroke of midnight. We want you all to come and be part of this celebration in September.

On Saturday, September 28th, there will be a Grand Parade in York. We have been planning this parade for six years. Aside from the hundreds of marching bands and other units being brought in from across the country, one of the most important units will be the descendants of many of York's founding families. The McIntires, Talpeys, Blaisdells, Goodwins, and the Junkins will all be there. We want you to be there with us! We are designing and will be building a family float for you to ride on for the two and a half mile parade. The TV stations from all over New England will be there to film your smiling faces and a team of professional video tapers will be there to create a memorable keepsake to show your friends and family when you get back home.

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