Junkins Family Burial Grounds Fund Established

From JFA newsletter no. 7, Winter 1992

The Board of Directors called for a Burial Ground Fund to be established to help with the expenses of continuing up-keep and restoration of the Junkins Family Burial Grounds in the York area. Several of the burial grounds need such things as metal fences repaired or replaced, continual mowing and maintenance and, in the future, the possible replacement of headstones that have been broken beyond repair by the elements and years of continual neglect. Many of these headstones have been repaired by Roland over the past years, at his own expense, but in the future, these projects will need financial help to continue. We cannot expect Roland to bear the total expense of this important project.

This fund will be kept separate from the normal operating fund of the Association and will be used solely for the upkeep and maintenance of the Junkins Family Burial Grounds. Any donations to this project will be greatly appreciated and a full financial accounting of this account and the work accomplished on the burial grounds will be published at least once a year so that you will know what is being done with your donations.

Part of the elective position as Archivist in the Association will be to oversee the Burial Ground Fund and recommend the use of its assets for maintenance or restoration. The Archivist also will explore the possibility of any other means of obtaining grants or any other public funds for this purpose. In some townships and counties, the charter has provided for the maintenance of cemeteries and burial grounds. This area needs to be explored for the possibility of help in maintaining our family's heritage. Anyone willing to help would be welcome.

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