Elijah Junkins House and Junkins Farm - Scotland, ME

The house was built by Elijah6 Junkins, (John5, John4, Alexander3, Alexander2, Robert1), b. 1789. Elijah married Hannah Leach in February 1820. They had seven children in the farm house: Sallie B, John R., William, Elijah, Almira, Albert B. and Charles.

There is a large stone arch across the street from the house. At the top of the arch is a stone inscribed "Junkins Farm." The arch was built by two Italian stone masons in appreciation for the kindness of Albert's wife, Mercy, during the depression.

The house and farm were inherited by Albert B.7 after the death of his parents. Albert married Mercy Nowell around 1875 and they had one son, Allie8 B. Junkins. Albert and Mercy both are buried in the family burial ground along with Albert's parents.

After the death of his parents, Allie B. sold the house. For many years it was owned by Dick and Sylvia Jansen and run as a Bed and Breakfast known as the "Scotland Bridge Inn." Many Junkins stopped there over the years for a night's rest and a fine gourmet breakfast.

In 1993, the Scotland Bridge Inn was sold once again, this time to John and Heather Sergeant.1

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