Elijah Cemetery

Across from the Nowell house on Cider Hill Rd. (Route 91), .6 mile southeast of Junkins Garrison, after Scotland Bridge Road, little dirt road on right, in 40' on left

This cemetery contains the graves of:

  • Elijah6 Junkins (John5, John4, Alexander3, Alexander2, Robert1), b. Dec 1789, York, ME; d. 1869, York, ME. He married Hannah Leach 18 Feb 1820.
  • Hannah (Leach) Junkins, b. 1795, d. 1857
  • Sally R.7 Junkins, b. 1821, d. 1857
  • John R.7 Junkins, b. 9 Nov 1823, York, ME; d. 27 Mar 1898
  • Almira7 (Junkins) Cate, b. 1831, d. 1869
  • Charles Wesley7 Junkins, b. 15 Aug 1840, York, ME; d. 29 May 1918, York, ME1
  • Ann Eliza (McIntire) Junkins, b. 15 Apr 1842, York, ME; d. 23 Nov 1936, Grand Bay, AL, wife of Charles W. Junkins.
  • Albert Bernard7 Junkins, b. 1837, York, ME; d. 1920/21 (unmarked)
  • Mercy (Nowell) Junkins, b. 1838, d. aft 1900 (unmarked)
  • Albert Bernard8 "Allie" Junkins, Jr., b. 9 Aug 1875, Kittery, York, ME; d. 1912, York, York, ME. Son of Albert Bernard and Mercy (Nowell) Junkins.
  • Almira Gertrude8 (Junkins) West, b. 31 Dec 1872, York, ME; d. 13 Feb 1928. Her gravestone reads "Gertrude J. West." Dau of Charles W. and Ann (McIntire) Junkins.
  • Clarence L.8 Junkins, b. 26 Jan 1874, York, ME; d. 2 Feb 1915. Son of Charles W. and Ann (McIntire) Junkins.
  • Charles Edison8 Junkins, b. 1878, York, ME. Son of Charles W. and Ann (McIntire) Junkins.
  • John Chester8 Junkins, b. 1881, York, ME; d. aft 1937. Son of Charles W. and Ann (McIntire) Junkins.


In 1991, Roland Junkins reported: "The bottom rail is under earth. The gate is on its original hinges. The only thing missing is the latch. I'm going to clean the two big stones and get the lichens off. The Elijah stone is covered. I'm going to restore the lovely fence around the cemetery."

On August 14, 1991, Karl and Joanne Junkins surveyed and recorded the graves in this burial ground. Their survey was published in JFA Newsletter no. 8, Summer 1993.


One of Roland Junkins' first projects in 1993 was the repair of the fence. The burial ground actually is two sections side by side, each section being approximately 25' by 25'. The metal fence around the left hand portion of the ground had several sections missing and had been in bad conditions for many years. Most of the remaining pipe was rusting away and about to crumble. Roland reported that it would cost $770 in materials and labor to replace the fence. The remaining sections of the old fence and the cement footings would need to be dug out of the ground first. Then, new footings and a new fence and gate erected. There was only $100 in the Burial Ground Fund, so it was decided to borrow the additional $670 from the Association's general fund.

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