Claudia Griffith

From Claudia Griffith, Lumenburg, VT; published in JFA newsletter no. 9, October 1994

Claudia Greenlaw11 Griffith, (Vivian Estelle10, Archie Clair9, Julius Jason8, Isaac Lord7, Isaac6, James5, James4, Joseph3, Alexander2, Robert1)

"We all live here in Vermont on my families homestead. Gary and I have built a very large house that isn't finished but my daughter and her four children live with us. My son and his three children live just two hundred feet away with my unmarried sister. We live on 100 acres.

"We are Mormons, so this is why we do genealogy, to seal our families together for eternity. It's a lot of work for one person to be doing. I can't find any Junkins doing the work. I have sealed Julius and Annie Junkins and their six children but haven't gone through to James yet. I send out a lot of information to distant relative on all the lines but no one is in the church to take it as far "as I have.

"I want to thank you for sending me so much information and the newsletter. If I could only go to Scotland for the Junkins but also the Greenlaws. They came from Liberton Parish, Mid-Lothian County, Scotland in 1753. Thank you ever so much, may the Lord bless you health wise.

"P.S. This is a picture of my grandfather, Archie with his brothers and sisters. Mona, the baby was the last to die in 1992.


"Junkins Family Reunion, 1952, l to r - Mona Junkins (1898-1992), Archie Clair Junkins (1896-1984), Leon Junkins (1890-?), Randolph Anderson Junkins (1889-1964), Myrtle Junkins (1892-?), Maud Junkins (1887-?)"

Editor's Note: During my search for the birthplace of Robert Junkins, I found over 90 Junkins of various spellins in and around Liberton.

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