Charles Pinkney Junkins

Charles Lived and died at the Highland Farm in Scotland Parish. In the 1870 Agricultural Census Charles was listed with owning and producing the following:
Improved Acres - 94; Woodlots - 12; Cash Value - $5,000; Milk Cows - 4; Work Oxen - 4; Other Cattle - 3; Sheep - 20; Swine - 1.
He produced each year: Indian Corn - 60 bushel; Barley - 30 bushel; Peas & Beans - 10 bushel; Irish Potato - 250 bushel; Butter - 300 lbs.; Hay - 40 tons; Wool - 60 lbs.;
Value of orchard products - $40; Value of forest products ‎(wood)‎ - $100; Value of slaughtered animals - $100;
Horses - 2.

A family photo album was given to Alan by Mary Davis. It contains pictures from Charlie's family including his two wives, his father, and his daughter.

Most interesting are the series of photos that he had take of himself over the years. These look to cover from his 20's through his 60's. Since he was in his 40's when Abraham Lincoln was president and then assassinated, the stylish "Lincoln" beard of his latest two portraits might indicate his approximate age.

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