Family Burial Plots of York, Maine

As recorded by Roland W. Junkins April 1991 and published in JFA Newsletter no. 4, Summer 1991.

Editor's notes: The format of this article has been changed slightly for this web version and notations have been added for clarity where deemed appropriate. Also, the names given to the cemeteries were not given in the article; they are, however, taken from the first (oldest) inhabitant of each cemetery. Links to additional information about each cemetery/burial ground have been provided below. The Three Trees burial ground had not been discovered at the time of this article.

#7 (Family Burial Plots Map of York, Maine)

Leonard Cemetery

On left side, in field, of Mill Lane, one mile east on Mill Lane from Route 91

Leonard Putnam7 Junkins 1837-1925
Ann D. (Avery) Junkins 1838-1881
Edson H.8 Junkins 1860-1924
Carie F.8 Junkins 1866-1888
Flora L.8 Junkins 1873-1874
Urban F.8 Junkins 1876-1908
Berta A. 8 Junkins Fillis 1878-1934
Frederick Fillis 1877-1941

#30 (Family Burial Plots Map of York, Maine)

Daniel Cemetery

At rear of the old Day place on Kingsbury Lane. A 35 minute walk from the farm house on right. Road too rough for vehicles.

Daniel5 Junkins 1773-1848
Hannah Shaw Junkins 177?-1849
David5 Junkins 1776-1855
Abigail5 Junkins Junkins 1777-1853
Several graves marked with fieldstones

#30A (Family Burial Plots Map of York, Maine)

Sylvester Cemetery

In the woods to the rear of the old Knight cellar hole on Kingsbury Lane; 10 minute walk in from the road, overlooking Kingsbury Marsh (York pronunciation = "Kingsbury Mash).

Sylvester6 Junkins 1819-1846
Mary7 Junkins 1842-1847

#33 (Family Burial Plots Map of York, Maine)

Joseph Cemetery

On Mill Lane .9 mile east of Route 91; turn right on dirt road, down hill, over bridge, up hill, first road on right, in 50'

This cemetery is referred to as the Mill Lane Cemetery in Davis', The Junkins Family[1].

Joseph5 Junkins 1767-1848
Lydia5 Junkins Junkins 1796-1856
Charlotte6 Junkins 1792-1856
Joseph6 Junkins, Jr. 1795-1840
John6 H. Junkins 1803-1833
Susan McIntire Junkins 1811-1892
Increase6 Junkins 1805-1823
Eliza Kingsbury Junkins 1801-1834
Olive7 Ann Junkins 1824-1832
Greenlief7 Junkins 1835-1837
Susan7 M. Junkins 1834-1844
Lydia7 M. Junkins Cooper 1847-1872
John7 H. Junkins, Jr. 1834-1888
Abigail7 F. Junkins Eaton 1850-1876
Mary7 A. Junkins1 1841-1855
Three or four fieldstone markers

#44 (Family Burial Plots Map of York, Maine)

Elijah Cemetery

Across from the Nowell house on Cider Hill Rd. (Route 91), .6 mile southeast of Junkins Garrison, after Scotland Bridge Road, little dirt road on right, in 40' on left

Elijah6 Junkins 1789-1869
Hannah Leach Junkins 1795-1857
Sally R.7 Junkins 1821-1857
John R.7 Junkins 1823-1898
Almira7 Junkins Cate 1831-1869
Albert B.7 Junkins 1837-1920/21 (unmarked)
Mercy Nowell Junkins 1838-aft 1900 (unmarked)
Allie B.8 Junkins2 1875-1912
Charles Wisdom7 Junkins3 1840-1918
Ann Eliza McIntire Junkins 1842-1936
Gertrude8 Junkins West 1872-1926
Clarence L.8 Junkins 1874-1915
Charles Edson8 Junkins 1878-
John Chester8 Junkins 1881-

#62 (Family Burial Plots Map of York, Maine)

Samuel Cemetery

At the edge of a large field near a small pond, to the right on Kingsbury Lane. Inquire at first house on right. (Listed on the town cemetery map as a Kingsbury cemetery.)

Samuel4 Junkins 1735-1791
Capt. Joseph5 Junkins 1773-1856 (unmarked)
Hepzibah Preble Junkins 1789-1855
George6 Junkins 1796-1823
Urania7 Junkins 1820-1838
Pauline Kingsbury 1833-1853
Several unmarked stones

#146 (Family Burial Plots Map of York, Maine)

Mary Cemetery

Behind extreme left end of wooden fence, behind Mobil gas station on Route 1, just north of traffic lights at York Corner

Mary Curtis Junkins 1803-1855
Elias7 Junkins 1835-1837

#173 (Family Burial Plots Map of York, Maine)

Alexander Cemetery

Route 91 (Cider Hill Rd.) at the site of the Junkins Garrison

Alexander5 Junkins 1785-1844
Judith Moulton Junkins 1791-1817
Hannah Langdon Junkins 1794-1838
One infant, possibly two
1. Davis, Harry Alexander. The Junkins Family, Descendants of Robert Junkins of York County, Maine. Washington, D.C., 1938
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