Burial Ground Fund Projects

From JFA newsletter no. 8, Summer 1993

In April of this year, Roland Junkins reported that the maintenance of the Junkins burial grounds had continued throughout the winter with Roland making weekly trips to the York area to inspect for any additional damage or needs at each of the seven1 burial grounds in the area. Roland has been volunteering his services to the Old York Historical Society library each Thursday during the winter and has been working specifically on sorting and cataloging materials concerning the Junkins families. Each Thursday, he would make a swing by several of the burial grounds to inspect for winter damage and remove any tree branches or other items that needed to be removed.

One of Roland Junkins' first projects in 1993 that he has reported a need for is the repair and replacement of the metal fence around part of the Elijah burial ground on Route 91, 0.6 mile southeast of the Junkins Garrison. This burial ground actually is two sections side by side, each section being approximately 25' by 25'. The burial ground was completely surveyed and recorded by Karl and Joanne Junkins during the August work session in 1991.2 The burial ground has been designated "The Elijah" burial ground as he is the oldest recorded burial in the plot. Elijah Junkins (1789-1869).

The metal fence around the left hand portion of the ground had several sections missing and had been in bad conditions for many years. Most of the remaining pipe was rusting away and about to crumble. Roland reported that it would cost $770 in materials and labor to replace the fence. The remaining sections of the old fence and the cement footings would need to be dug out of the ground first. Then, new footings and a new fence and gate erected.

At the present moment, the Burial Ground Fund has only $100, which has been donated by Roland in order to get the project off the ground. The fund will borrow the additional $670 from the Association's general fund until additional monies come in earmarked specifically for the Burial Ground Fund. We hope that with the start of this first major project and the report on its progress, some additional donations will come from the members of the association for the continuation of such work. Roland and David Leck have put in many hours over the past few years in maintaining the burial grounds in the York area and we need to support them financially to help purchase the materials for these projects.

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