Brendan and Carolyn Junkins

From JFA newsletter no. 10, July 1995

Brendan G.11 and Carolyn G.11 Junkins, (David M.10, David E.9, Walter H.8, David E.7, David6, David5, James4, Joseph3, Alexander2, Robert1)

Brendan G. Junkins has finished his sophomore year (10th grade) at Harbourfields High School, Greenlawn, New York. This was his first year to "go out" for track. He earned his letter. Both Brendan and his sister, Carolyn G. Junkins received high honors at the mid-term marking period.

Brendan has been taking the harder college classes. He was the only studen in his class to receive high honors in English. He shared high honors with one other student in Global Studies, and in Regents Biology, he was one of five students to receive that award.

Carolyn attends Oldfield Middle School in Centerport, Long Island, New York and has just finished 7th grade. She received awards in: Science Fair - Life Science, Long Island Language Teacher's Poster Contest - Honorable Mention, and the 7th grade Achievement Award.

Their grandmother, Grace L. Junkins, of Rye, New Hampshire, says "I am very proud of them both."

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