Newsletter Back Issues Available

Back issues of the Junkins Family Association newsletter are available to those who might want copies. If you have a father, mother, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, cousins or grandparents who might be interested in the Association, this might be just the thing to help perk their interest.

In some cases, we have quite a few leftover copies of the back issues of the newsletter. The Board of Directors is looking for ways to increase our membership rolls and the easiest way is by word of mouth. Other members of your family are always potential members and you are the best one to sell the Association to them. If you want back issues of the newsletter to help sell the Association to others, please write and we will send them to you.

If you have a library in your area that has a genealogical department or a state or local historical society, we would be happy to put them on our mailing list. This is an especially good way to find people who are interested in the family or the Association.

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