Archivists Need Work

The following article appeared in JFA newsletter no. 15, Winter 2006.

The co-archivists of the Junkins Family Association, Kevin Junkins and Adam Junkins, have nothing to do! The position of Archivist in the JFA was formed to provide a central point of contact for all sorts of Junkins information. In particular, it was hoped that photographs of various Junkins family members could be gathered onto CDs, that documents could be scanned, and that Junkins places could be cataloged for the Association. But, these gentlemen cannot do this work without your help.

As members of JFA, they need you to send them copies of pictures to be digitized. They need you to let them know about documents that should be scanned. And, they need you to located and annotate important Junkins' places, as well as important Junkins' objects. (An example would be the Junkins cradle, now located in the Junkins Family Scottish Heritage Room in the Old York Historical Society.)

Please help them do their job for the Association by sending information to:

Kevin Junkins, JFA Archivist
3343 Spruce Street
Mohegan Lake, NY 10547


Adam Junkins, JFA Archivist
3108 Stone Place
Newark, DE 197021

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