Alexander Junkins Burial Ground Trust Established

By Donald Junkins; published in JFA Newsletter no. 2, Spring 1990

In March, 1989, Roland Junkins of Sanbornton, New Hampshire registered the appropriately notarized copies of the donors' and trustees' transfer of property rights to the descendants of Robert Junkins, regarding the Alexander Junkins cemetery in the front yard of the former Junkins Garrison House of York, Maine. As described in the trust, the "purposes of this trust are to restore and maintain the Burial Ground of Alexander Junkins (1795-1844) et familia; to honor the souls of those buried there, the fifth and last generation of Junkins to hold and farm the homestead of Robert Junkins the forbear; to make the Burial Ground accessible to the descendants of Robert Junkins to their heritage."

The donors who participated in this agreement are Dorothea D. Davis of Ithaca, New York; Donald Junkins of Deerfield, Massachusetts; Roland Junkins of Sanbornton, New Hampshire; and Alan Junkins of Aston, Pennsylvania.

The trustees are Stuart Arrowsmith Davis, Donald Junkins, Alan Junkins, and Roland Junkins.

The beneficiaries of the trust are the descendants of Robert Junkins, the "forbear of the Junkins Familia of York, Maine." Included in the description of the trust is this paragraph:

"ROBERT JUNKINS, the forbear of the Junkins Family of York, Maine. He was a Scotsman who followed Bonnie Prince Charlie against Cromwell's troops, was captured at the Battle of Dunbar in 1650, was sent in winter across the Atlantic to the Massachusetts Bay Colony as an indentured servant and learned the trade of tanning in Dover, New Hampshire. About 1661, freed of his indenture, he bought and farmed land above the Bass River in Scotland Parish of York, Maine, and was an active citizen, appearing in court to give bond and joining a petition to the Massachusetts authorities as to the "injurying of our Libertys" suffered by the settlers in York. He survived the Indian (King Phillip) wars and built a garrison style homestead that stood until 1889 when it was memorialized by artist Winslow Homer. He died in 1699 and left his homestead to a succession of Junkins."

Among the stipulated and intended charges of the trustees is to re-secure the granite markers that bounded the burial ground, to conduct an archeological dig at the site to ascertain the location of and other information pertaining to those buried therein, to receive additions to this trust by gift or will, and to make a written request to the trustees. Additional or successor trustees shall be appointed by a majority vote of the trustees—direct descendants of Alexander Junkins having priority. Currsnt assets of the Trust - $100.

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