Alexander Cemetery

This cemetery, on the Junkins Garrison property, was first visited by brothers Roland and Donald Junkins in 1963. About 20 years later, Alan Junkins, JFA founder, and they, along with several others began an eight-year legal battle to return the cemetery to the Junkins family. Eventually, the battle was won and a trust fund was set up to restore and maintain the property. See Deed to Alexander Junkins Graveyard Won..Eight Year Battle Over, Alexander Junkins Burial Ground Trust Established and Cost of Junkins Burial Ground Deed and Trust Secured by Donations from JFA Newsletter no. 2, Spring 1990.

In July 1990, Alan Junkins contacted Kathleen Wheeler, Historic Archaeologist about conducting an archaeological investigation at the Alexander Cemetery. Details of that investigation appeared in an article written by Kathleen Wheeler in JFA Newsletter no. 4, Summer 1991.

In August 1991, additional restorative work of the cemetery was done and an archaeological survey of the garrison cellar hole was conducted. Alan Junkins' article about the work at the cemetery appeared in JFA Newsletter no. 5, Winter 1991 and Kathleen Wheeler's report of the archaeological survey appeared in JFA Newsletter no. 6, Summer 1992.

In August 1992, work continued on the burial ground restoration. An article written by Alan Junkins in JFA Newsletter no. 7, Winter 1992 details the work.

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