Albert Atwood Junkins

The following article appeared in JFA newsletter no. 9, October 1994.

Miriam9 (Junkins) Proulx sent us the following information and pictures of her father, Clair B.8 Junkins and grandparents.

Albert Atwood7 Junkins, (Henry6, Joseph5, James4, Joseph3, Alexander 2, Robert1)

Albert Atwood Junkins, a prominent farmer of Merrimac, NH, was born in Bedford, NH November 19, 1832, son of Henry and Hannah (Miller) Junkins. The Junkins family in America is of Scotch origin and the branch in Merrimac came here from York, ME.

Henry Junkins, son of Joseph Junkins, worked in South Boston at the trade of ship carpenter in his earlier years., When about 21 years of age he came to NH locating in this town and there carried on general farming and some milling. He has been described as a hardy and industrious man. He owned the farm where his son Albert, now resides and died here November 13, 1881, regretted by a large aido of friends. His religious views were broad and charitable. He believed in the beneficent agency of liberal Christianity and was not allied with any church organization. His political principals during the last part of his life after the break-up of the Whig party, were Democratic. He was twice married, his wives being sisters. There were three children by the first marriage and five by the last. Of these, Charlotte, Increase, Jesse, Albert A. and Mary are still living.

Albert A. Junkins has spent the greater part of his life in Merrimac. He has kept his farm of 165 acres in a good state of cultivation and he has made many improvements upon it. On May 21, 1856 he was united in marriage with Miss Eleanor M. Holt a Vermont lady who died in 1880. In 1881 Mr. Junkins married Miss Clara P. Hill of Merrimac who was born May 20, 1857, daughter of Franklin E. and Nancy E. (Tidd) Hill. Mr. Junkins is the father of 10 children, five by the first marriage and five by the second. They are: Mary, James, Henry, Hattie, Alvah, Ernest, Clair, Morris, Hannah, and Jennie. Mr. Junkins is a Congregationalist in religious belief while his wife is a beliver in the Tenets of Christian Science. In politics Mr. Junkins is a democrat. He take a loyal interest in town affaird. In the Office of town treasurer he acceptably served in the community for a period. A self made man, he has the satisfaction of knowing that he has made his own way in the world. He is highly esteemed in Merrimac.

Editor's Note: The above was given to me in the form of a hand-written page, possibly copied from a newspaper article written before Albert's death in 1914. The photos with the article are of Albert Atwood Junkins (1832-1914), Clara P. Hill (1857-1929) and Clair B. Junkins (1884-1955)

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