2007 Mini-Reunions

About the Mini-Reunions Memorial Day Weekend

In the last newsletter, I mentioned my thoughts about a series of mini-reunions, to be held across the country and shared by Junkins cousins through a news-note. What you are reading now, is the result of those mini-reunions, skillfully put together by Ann Cheney.

The idea behind the mini-reunions is to have local get-togethers each year that can be shared with the Association and can offer opportunities and alternatives to those who can't make it to the bi-annual JFA reunions. At local reunions, cousins will have chanced to share stories and document, through photos, video and written accounts, regional family stories that can be shared through newsletters or smaller news-notes.

As you can see, the mini-reunions can be big and structured, like the Maine mini, or they can be small and informal like the Mid-Atlantic mini. They can fill a day, or a weekend. What is important is that families find time to get together.

I hope these sstories and pictures inspire you to plan a local mini-reunion of your own and to share with all of us your pictures and stories. The next mini-reunions will be the weekend of May 24, 25 and 26, 2008, so start planning now.

Ken Junkins, President
Junkins Family Association

Mid-Atlantic Area Mini-Reunion, May 26, 2007

Hosts Ken, Kathy and Logan Junkins of Morrisville, PA secured a picnic site at the Bucks County Core Creek State Park and Kathy prepared a wonderful picnic.

Ann Cheney and her partner, Bill Jacobik, of Griswold, CT, arrived at the Junkins’ residence mid-morning in time to help load and transport the picnic and gear to the park where they were joined at 1:00 by Kevin, Mary Ann and Kimberly Junkins of NY.

A wonderful time visiting and eating was had by all. Logan and Kimberly biked while the rest, for the most part, participated in less active endeavors. Ken and Kevin shared stories about their fathers, Alan and Phil, who are brothers, and remembered stories about their grandfather, Raymond Dexter “Deck” Junkins, and grandmother Alta Junkins.
Later, Kim D’Alessandro (girlfriend of Jeff Wright, Ken and Kathy’s son) and her children joined the party. (Jeff was working and, sadly, could not attend.)

The NY Junkins headed home after the picnic but Ann and Bill stayed at a local hotel for the weekend.
Sunday, Ann, Bill, Kathy and Ken watched Logan and his award-winning high school band march in the Fallsington Memorial Day parade. The weather was very hot and humid and despite lots of support and hydration, over a dozen of the band’s members fainted including Logan.

After the parade, activity was kept to a minimum indoors to stay out of the heat. Kathy and Ken prepared a wonderful dinner for us.

Monday, the weather was overcast and not nearly so hot as it had been on Sunday. Logan and the band marched again in the Yardley parade and this time fewer members succumbed to the heat. Ann, Bill, Kathy and Ken attended a Memorial Day service by the river before settling into chairs along the parade route to watch people and the parade.

Later, the small JFA contingent drove down to Philadelphia to the horse racing track where a good time was had betting on and watching the last three races. It was a unique and fun experience for all.

That evening, the fun mini-JFA weekend was concluded with a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant.

Ann Cheney, JFA Director

New England Area Mini-Reunion, May 27, 2007

In early April a letter was sent out inviting members and friends of the Junkins Family Association who lived in New England area to a reunion to be held in York, Maine. Forty-eight letters were sent to those who lived in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Sunday, May 27th, on Memorial Day weekend was given along with a schedule of events.

Of the 48 families that were contacted, 12 families responded by returning the RSVP form in the return envelope that was provided. Of the twelve families a total of 16 people were able to attend. The other 36 families did not bother to return their RSVP forms.

It all started with registration at Alan and Nancy Junkins home and the Garrison site on Cider Hill Road, between 8:30 and 10:30 Sunday morning. Coffee, soft drinks, and sweet things were served while new and old friends got acquainted or re-acquainted. Some sat on the deck in the spring sunshine while others walked down to the Garrison site to see the burial ground and the new archaeological dig site that Alan is working on. Alan had just two days before, turned up a pipe stem, which was made in England between 1710 and 1750, and a 1858 Flying Eagle one cent piece. He stated that if he could split the One Cent piece he would share the “Junkins Wealth” with all those present. As it was it was on display with many other finds in display cases in the house.

At 11:00 we all traveled to the Old York Historical Society in York to visit the Junkins Family Scottish Heritage Room. We were met and greeted at the door by Scott Stevens, director of OYHS. It was the first time for most of those present to visit and be inside the newly created and dedicated room which our cousin, Roland W. Junkins had provided for all the Scottish families in the Scottish District of York. The centerpiece of the room, over the fireplace, was the newly acquired “Lucy Junkins Sampler”. The 209-year-old handy work of Lucy Junkins, grt-grt-granddaughter of Robert Junkins had come home to York.
We spent about an hour there with Alan giving a talk and answering questions about the many objects from the Junkins family in the room. Shortly after 12:00 we all left for York’s Long Sands Beach for a box lunch and fun and games in the sun.
Those attending the reunion were: Lester & Ernestine Bills of Peabody, MA; Clifford, Mary Jo & Alan Junkins of Holyoke, MA; David & Mary Junkins of Huntington, MA; Lee Hodgin of Brunswick, ME; David, Victoria & Ethan MacLelland of Plainfield, CT; Tom & Ruth Hodgin of York, ME; Alan & Nancy Junkins of York, ME; and Nancy Smith of Brookline, MA.

A great time on the beach was had by all. Eating lunch, playing Golf, Bocce, and enjoying the sun. As promised by Alan, he had kept the tide at its lowest point of the day so that there was plenty of beach for all. Later in the day we all decided that we would meet for dinner at the Bos’n’s Landing.

Several of the group (those who could get up early enough) met the next morning to watch the Memorial Day parade in downtown York. Then afterward some took a short tour of the First Parish Church cemetery to see the graves of the many Junkins who have lived in York over the past 350 years.

Later in the day Tom Hodgin and Mary Junkins spent a couple of hours at the Garrison site digging and sifting for more of the Junkins “wealth” while David Junkins and Ruth Hodgin were guided up the mount by Alan Junkins on a two and a half hour hike to see the Daniel and David burial ground.

All in all we had a great time and were sorry that more of the 48 families could not share in the event. Next year our president, Kenneth Junkins, will be planning a national reunion for the Association.

Alan Junkins, JFA Founder

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