2004 Reunion, Deerfield, MA

This reunion celebrated the 20th anniversary of JFA.

Thursday, August 12

Reunion registration was at the Howard Johnson Inn, Greenfield, MA from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

At 5:30 reunion hosts Donald and Kaimei Junkins hosted a cookout at their home in nearby Deerfield. The meal was great and the casual atmosphere gave attendees a good opportunity to meet and visit.

Friday, August 13

Friday morning there was a JFA Board of Directors meeting at Donald Junkins' home. Afterwards, everyone met at the 5-Star China Gourmet Restaurant in Greenfield across from the hotel.

The afternoon was spent in Shelbourne Falls, which is best known for the famous Bridge of Flowers, a footbridge between Shelburne Falls and Buckland, and its glacial potholes, one of the largest concentrations of these geological wonders in the country. The bridge is a 400' pathway on a former trolley bridge. It has been planted with thousands of perennials and annuals since 1928.

Just as most of the JFA group was halfway across the footbridge, the skies opened up in a torrential downpour. Some retreated back to their cars but some hardy souls continued across to poke around in shops on the other side of the river and back on the Shelburne Falls side where a few went as far as the falls and potholes before "swimming" back to cars. The downpour eventually ended but a lot of rain fell before it let up.

Cocktails and dinner were at Chandler's Restaurant at the Yankee Candle Co. in South Deerfield. After dinner, there was a short business meeting and entertainment.

Saturday, August 14

The group drove to Old Deerfield, for an orientation program, "Historic Deerfield, the gem of rural New England", and a guided tour of three of the 12 museum houses located within 1,000 acres of the Old Deerfield National Historic Landmark.

Box lunches were served in a picnic area and then the group had a guided visit to the special exhibitions of Early New England Life in the Flynt Center before being free to shop up and down "The Street" at Historic Deerfield.

That evening, cocktails and dinner were at Historic Deerfield Inn. After dinner, there was installation of JFA officers, some announcements, a PowerPoint slide presentation "Balglassie and the land where Robert Junkins was born and raised" and Logan Junkins entertained the group with tap dancing.

Sunday, August 15

Alan and Nancy Junkins hosted a coffee and pastries farewell gathering at the hotel before reunion attendees departed.

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