2004 Board Meeting

JFA Executive Board Meeting - August 17, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 9:35 a.m. Present were Pres. Alan Junkins, V.P. Donald Junkins, Sec. Ruth J. Hodgin, Treas. David B. Junkins, Director Teams Kenneth and Kathy Junkins, Cliff and Mary Jo Junkins, Philip and Becky Junkins, and Walter and Jean Junkins.


Sec. Ruth Hodgin read the report of the Director's Meeting held Sept. 27, 2002 at the home of Alan and Nancy Junkins. Corrections: Alan stated Thomas J. Junkins was not in attendance. Ken noted a correction of the Web Site: kjunkins.com. As there were no further corrections, the Pres. called for the minutes to be accepted as corrected. So approved.

Treas. David Junkins Report

As of 9/20/02: Total $3,529.61, Historic Marker Fund $565.00, Burial Ground Fund $73.72. Reunion expenses: $4,739.65. Reunion receipts: $4,471.44. Bal.: $168.21. Sec. expenses: $50.06 (newsletter expenses, stamps, etc.). Total expenses: $1,301.39. Int. inc.: $21.23, Burial Ground Fund $185.00; Historic Marker Fund $190.00; Membership $890.00; Total $1,286.23. As of 7/14/04: BGF $111.28, HMF $755.00. Total $3638.98. Additional receipt of $50 making balance this date: $3688.98. On a call by the Pres. to accept as read, so moved with all approving.

Pres. Alan Junkins Report

The Junkins Family Association has continued the maintenance of the Burial Ground Sites until last June when the Old York Historical Society (OYHS) took over the maintenance. I'm going to ask Don Junkins to expand more on the Burial Grounds. Other than that, I have nothing further to report except the last Reunion was a great success.

Vice Pres. Don Junkins Report on Cemetery Care by Old York Historical Society

The Old York Historical Society commitment entails two or three cemeteries that need special care. Other than that, the rest need semi-annual care. The Old York Historical Society is an organization that is extremely rich in land and possessions. Much of their possessions are stored in their various buildings and are seldom displayed. They have their own concerns as to how they spend their energies and time and what has happened to the cemeteries is practically nothing. They have really neglected the cemeteries. My brother would really be upset to see their condition. I have contacted Scot, who is a good guy, and apparently they have been preoccupied with other things. They have been on the verge of buying a big new table for the Roland Junkins Room and continuing with the project, which is the renovation of the room, but it's not done yet and Roland has a lot of things that ought to go into that room. Alan and I will talk to Scott again and use more pressure toward completing the room and maintaining the Junkins cemeteries. They need a new groundskeeper. Their former one is retiring. I would like to propose that Scott put in writing, as a legalized commitment, the Old York Historical Society's obligation to the needs of the cemeteries. Since different ones need different requirements, I believe this should be spelled out. We could ask Virginia Spiller to help. She knows the situation well.

Alan: Nancy and I put geraniums on a couple of cemeteries this spring: Nathaniel Burial Ground at Highland Farms and the Little Mary Burial Ground on Rt. 1 where my great-great-grandmother is buried. Both showed neglect.

Walter Junkins noted that, with the sum of money given by Roland to the Old York Historical Society, he was appalled to hear that the Association had allowed the grounds to deteriorate. (It was pointed out that it was the Old York Historical Society that faltered.) He also stated that if his will were to leave a sum to further the preservation of the Junkins burial grounds, he needed to be assured the the OYHS would be upholding its agreement. He suggested that the officers of the Junkins Family Association immediately remedy the problem. Alan said that this is the first time the OYHS has committed itself to perpetual care of burial grounds. Further discussion centered around a legal document, as proposed by Don.

It was suggested to take photographs. Ken Junkins suggested: Perhaps the Association draft a letter to the Board of Directors of OYHS. The Assoc. is well aware of an agreement that Scott has with regard to upkeep of the burial grounds and Assoc. members are watching the progress of the maintenance in regards to their own consideration of donating sums, by will, to the OYHS. Don asked this suggestion be put on hold as he doesn't want to create an impasse or any trouble whatsoever. The OYHS has already committed themselves to buying a big table to put in the room and when they are in the process of designing a whole new room he doesn't want to come down so hard as to create an adversarial position. He doesn't disagree that we need to gather some fire power, but at this moment we need to go slowly and allow them to finish the room. If things reach a certain point, then we definitely need to proceed along those lines.

Nancy Junkins motioned that the Association, through Alan and Don, apply appropriate pressure to see that the OYHS take care of the graves. After one year, if the OYHS is unsuccessful, take legal recourse. Don seconded the motion. Walter amended the motion by adding: want notarized document. Becky seconded. Alan suggested a time-line of 30 days to report progress to the Association members. On a call for a vote: the motion passed.

Don Junkins: Point of Clarification - The Junkins Family Association has no legal standing in regard to the Scotland Parish Room, in memory of Roland Junkins. This was an agreement established between my brother, Roland, and the Old York Historical Society, with me as his representative. We are acting in a friendly manner in order to facilitate his wishes.

Archivist's/Web Master's Report - Ken Junkins

Web site: The web site has been redesigned but needs additional information. Will get back to the Board. I'm looking for people with expertise to scan in pictures and the newsletter.

Old Business

Life Membership

  1. Walt - Organization survives on actions it takes. We are dying of inertia. If we continue as we are, we will die.
  2. Dave - Newsletter. We need at least once a year communication.
  3. Don - The quality of the newsletter is excellent. Even when the publisher was hampered by illness. There should be a note of thanks for all that Alan has done. There would be no association without him. We are lucky to have Alan. It is crucial to maintain contact with the younger generation. I give a motion of Thanks to Alan for his efforts and the great quality of the newsletter.

By-Laws Changes

The President stated he had believed that the following action had already been taken, but could find no record of it.

Art. II, Sec. 1. Para 2 Amendment 1.: An Officer's Spouse shall be part of the Director's Team.

Art. III, Sec. 2. Para 2 Amendment 2.: Directors and Spouses shall each have one (1) vote.

Motion to accept - Ken Junkins, Don Junkins so moved. All approved

New Business

New By-Law Changes

Art. III, Sec. 1 Para 2 Add the Archivist and the immediate Past President.

Art. IV, Sec. 1 Add: It is permissible that this meeting be conducted as a virtual meeting via the Internet, but only if a quorum of Directors have the capability to communicate via the Internet. (Virtual meeting shall be defined as either a "real time" net meeting, or a dialogue conducted via e-mail.)

Art. IV, Sec. 3 Add: A virtual meeting is permissible as long as a quorum of the Board of Directors can participate.

Art. IV (A) Sec. 1 Add: The purpose of this committee shall be to organize, host and conduct the biennial reunion at which the Meeting of the Association shall be conducted.

Art. IV (A), Sec. 2 Add: The reunion committee shall propose to, and have approved by the Board of Directors, the location and dates of the reunion and the Meeting of the Association.

Art. V, Section 6, Archivist Add:

(a) Shall keep record of the location and condition of all Association real property, including, but not limited to, documents both physical and virtual, real estate, artifacts, burial grounds, photographs and family history.

(b) Shall oversee the acquisition, restoration and archival preservation of Association property.

(c) Shall make available to Association members Association property for the purposes of education or research in keeping Article 1, Section 3 above. In cases where the Association is not in direct custodianship of Association property, shall direct Association members how to locate and access said property.

(d) Shall create and maintain, or oversee the creation and maintenance of the Association web site.

(e) Shall work in association with the Association genealogist to provide an accurate descendancy record from Robert and Sarah Junkins.

Ken Junkins motioned to accept the amendment to the By-Laws; motion seconded by Kathy with all approving.

Nominating Committee

The Pres. stated he had selected Ruth Hodgin and Nancy Junkins to the Nominating Committee. In the furtherance of looking toward our youth, he has submitted a slate for approval, as follows:

  • To the Board of Directors: Kevin Junkins, Ann Cheney, Lee Hodgin
  • To Vice President: Ken Junkins
  • To Secretary: Lee Hodgin
  • To Treasurer: Philip Junkins, Ann Cheney or Kevin Junkins

By-Laws state: Vice Pres. selects the Nominating Committee.

Additional Discussion

Ken: Are we incorporated? Alan: No.

Don (by Russ Blease) Become a 501(c)(3) Non-profit, State of Maine

Kathy: There are attorneys who do non-profit. Ask Phil Junkins for advice.

Dave: Back to Life Membership

Walt: Charge $200 (based on life factor and annual dues) Income producing fund—Financial, not an honor.

Don: I do not like to use Life Membership as financial producing device. Does not need to be in the By-Laws. I am going to nominate Alan for Life Membership and I don't need something in the By-Laws for permission to do it. There are only two people who have given the amount of time, energy and full support and that is my brother Roland Junkins and Alan Junkins.

David: Should be given in appreciation.

Pres. Alan Junkins: As the Association no longer needs to maintain or restore the Junkins Burial Grounds, I suggest that the Historical Marker Fund and Burial Grounds Fund become part of the Historical Marker Fund as one and become the Burial Ground Marker Fund. The membership has been notified of Roland's money. After much discussion and consideration of legal implications, the President stated he did not want them combined. Don stated that the membership at large should be aware of the historic relationship being changed, by his brother's bequest, between the Association and the OYHS. But also to know that only OYHS commitment toward the Junkins Family Burial Grounds was to mow the grass. The Association has full control of the graves to erect fences, markers or whatever they deem necessary.

Granite Markers for Cemeteries

Proposal attached.

The Pres. reported that the Association's historic markers were installed twenty years ago and need replacement. The proposed granite markers are similar to the ones in front of the P.O. They will cost approximately $280 each. Ken stated he recalled granite markers for the Garrison House/Burial Ground were under discussion 6-8 years ago. The Pres. stated the project had been delayed as the Historical Marker Committee of York (of which he is Chair) is working toward putting markers at our site. Ken motioned that the Board support and recommend the Historical Markers as a project of the Association and the members be notified by letter or e-mail. Nancy seconded the motion and all approved.

2006 Reunion at Balglassie, Scotland

Discussion delayed due to time constraints. Motion made to adjourn the meeting, seconded with all approving.

The meeting adjourned at 11:43 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ruth (Junkins) Hodgin, Secretary

Note: The meeting was held at the home of Kaimai and Donald Junkins in Deerfield, MA.

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