1994 Reunion Attendees

From JFA newsletter no. 9, October 1994

Mary Beth Gratop Toledo, OH
Walter Junkins Camp Hill, PA
Jean Junkins Camp Hill, PA
Philip Junkins Lusby, MD
Matthew Junkins Lusby, MD
Roland W. Junkins Samborton, NH
Donald A. Junkins Deerfield, MA
Kaimei Zheng Junkins Deerfield, MA
Yunwei Chen Junkins Deerfield, MA
Clifford Junkins Holyoke, MA
Mary Jo Junkins Holyoke, MA
Alan Junkins Holyoke, MA
Alton Junkins Limerick, ME
Claire Junkins Limerick, ME
Lester H. Bills Wenham, MA
Ernestine Bills Wenham, MA
J. Russell Blease Lincoln, RI
Anna M. Blease Lincoln, RI
Elaine G. Russell Kittery, ME
Alice K. Manson Kittery, ME
Karl R. Junkins Maumee, OH
Joanne C. Junkins Maumee, OH
Kenneth D. Junkins Morrisville, PA
Kathleen Junkins Morrisville, PA
Adam Junkins Morrisville, PA
Bryon Wright Morrisville, PA
Justin Junkins Morrisville, PA
Jeffrey Wright Morrisville, PA
Logan Junkins Morrisville, PA
Edward Staton Toledo, OH
Karla Staton Toledo, OH
Anne Staton Toledo, OH
Colleen Staton Toledo, OH
Ruth J. Hodgin York Beach, ME
Tom Hodgin York Beach, ME
Chester Junkins Hampden, ME
Priscilla Junkins Hampden, ME
Alan D. Junkins Aston, PA
Betty F. Junkins Aston, PA
John Burkhardt Stamford, CT
Betty Burkhardt Stamford, CT
Grace L. Junkins Rye, NH
Brendan G. Junkins Centerport, L.I., NY
Kevin Junkins Croton-On-Hudson, NY
Raymond Junkins Croton-On-Hudson, NY
Kimberly Junkins Croton-On-Hudson, NY
Mary Ann Reilly Croton-On-Hudson, NY
Ken & Lillian Giles Highland Farm, York, ME
Paul & Laurette Vanasse Highland Farm, York, ME
Robert McIntire Selectman, York, ME
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