1994 Board Meeting

The 1994 National Reunion of the Junkins Family Association officially started at 10:00 a.m. Friday morning, August 12th with a meeting of the Board of Directors. The meeting was called to order at the home of President Alan Junkins. All officers and directors were present with the exception of David Junkins, Treasurer.

There were reports from the President, Vice President, Secretary, Archivist and a financial report that had been sent in by the Treasurer. Some special items were discussed. The need for growth in the membership numbers was one of them. Many possibilities were considered and a Membership Committee was formed with Director Team, Walter and Jean Junkins of Camp Hill, PA volunteering to lead the committee.

The 1996 reunion was the next major topic with the Board making the final decision of holding the reunion in Scotland at the birthplace of our ancestor Robert1 Junkins.

The subject of a historical marker and/or a memorial marker for the site of the Junkins Garrison was then discussed. A historical marker at the roadside (Rt. 91) was proposed and Donald Junkins accepted the responsibility of investigating the National Historic Trust and the possibilities of the Federal Government placing the marker. A memorial marker as a monument to Robert and Sarah Junkins at or near the site of the Junkins Garrison was proposed and Roland Junkins was charged with investigating costs and design ideas.

The Board proposed and voted that a memorial fund be started and designated specifically for the Robert and Sarah Junkins memorial marker. It was decided that the proceeds of the Friday night raffle and the Saturday night auction be placed in this fund.

The Board meeting was adjourned at 12:25 p.m. with the next meeting scheduled for summer 1995 in Camp Hill, PA.

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