1992 Reunion, Sigourney, IA

A report from new member Dean Wuestenberg, Schaumburg, IL

"A rain soaked day in Sigourney, Iowa, on an autumn September Sunday was the first time in years when the weather wasn't perfect for the Junkins' Family Reunion. A local family-style restaurant was kept warm by the hearts of 18 people relating memories and kindship.

"The anticipation of seeing a late arrival walking through the door was on everyone's mind. Whispers of past reunions and loved ones were present while noticing a trend. Once again, a smaller attendance and pondering if this will be the last year for a family reunion.

"Younger generations have dispersed throughout the country due to economic times or unique opportunities, making it harder to relate the value of family history, culture, and origin. Those who make the effort, many of high age, find obstacles difficult to overcome. In the past rew years, a restaurant was chosen to ease the burden.

"From the early 1960s to the late 1980s, these reunions would be held in a community hall or family homes. Documenting the rich Junkins' history, from the Civil War to the present, is now at hand. A few, budding genealogists, will try to prevent any more history being lost.

"Until next year, pictures will be copied, conversations recorded, family lines traced, and newcomers will be present and welcomed."

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