1992 Gathering, Osprey, FL

From JFA newsletter no. 6, Summer 1992

Florida has been added to York, ME and Wood County, OH as a Junkins meeting ground. On February 6th, eight of us met in Osprey at the retirement home of Warren and Evelyn (Junkins) Schuster, formerly of Sylvania, Ohio. Evelyn's brother, Loy and his wife, Betty, had arrived a few days earlier from Rossford, Ohio. Chester and Priscilla Junkins, of Bangor, Maine, drove down from their winter place in Zephyrhills and Karl and Joanne Junkins came from Bradenton.

Instead of going to a restaurant, we were treated to the cooking artistry of Warren, Evelyn and Betty. The afternoon was then topped off with the wit of Chester through his story telling — and Betty's famous-in-Ohio laughter. Because I only enjoy telling stories and seldom remember them for retelling, I can only share with you all the fact that Chester in third grade, and his brother Carleton, in kindergarten, decided one night at bedtime to be each other the next day at school. Their mother was called in for an explanation. Clearly, the school people weren't always too bright in those days either.

Before we left Florida, we had a second treat. Arriving in Zephyrhills for a lunch date with Chester and Priscilla, we had the pleasure of meeting said Carleton and his wife, Louise. Carleton also tells stories.

Joanne Junkins, retired school person

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