From JFA newsletter no. 5, Winter 1991

From Karl and Joanne Junkins, Maumee, OH

Dear Cousins,

We cannot let Saturday's Ohio Junkins reunion event end without more words until next year. Do you people realize how special you are to us in Ohio? I talked to Irene Trumbull on Monday. She just bubbled, telling me that she and her daughter stayed up for a couple hours talking out of excitement. Mabel Cline and Dorothy Heilman were equally excited. I think that your presence (Junkins from the east) gave them identity. Just knowing about you was not enough. This was especially true of our children who were at the evening gathering. Thank you. We love you all.

Karl and Joanne Junkins

From Clifford and Mary Jo Junkins, Holyoke, MA

Mary Jo and I attended the National Golden Age Games in St. Petersburg, Florida for one week in mid October. These games are sponsored by the Veterans Administration and Disabled American Veterans Association in conjunction with the local Bay Pines Veterans Medical Center. One of the objects of this program is to promote good health through proper exercise, diet and medical attention.

This year, there were 27 states represented with about 300 plus contestants in various events: swimming, bicycling, tennis, bowling, table tennis, eight ball, croquet, shuffle board, pentathlon, checkers, and dominos in age groups of 55-72, 63-70, and 70 and up.

I competed in swimming (free style), bicycling (1/4 mile) and table tennis. I was lucky in the bicycling and place third and received a Bronze medal.

There were seventeen of us that attended from the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Northampton, MA. We raised money for the trip and lodging with raffles and bake sales and donations from local service organizations. The V.A. paid for administrative costs and rental facilities. I'm glad to say that I can see where some of my tax dollars go for a good cause. To see some of these multi-handicapped veterans compete from wheelchairs is such an inspiration to me. Last year, I competed in the same events in Dallas, TX also taking the Bronze medal in the 1/4 mile bicycling.

From Vera Junkins, New Philadelphia, OH

I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to the Ohio reunion on the 20th. I wanted so much to go and even bought a new dress purposely. My son who lives with me has two cars and I have one but he took sick. I didn't want to drive alone. Besides, the weather was too hot for me to try it alone. Can't take the heat.

I realized there was gonna be a huge crowd and I was missing a lot because I wanted to meet all of 'em.

Well, maybe we could meet another time. I hope you can come to somewhere near hear next time. We have a lovely city park here but the relatives are almost nil. David Junkins, my nephew and his two daughters are all the Junkinses around here.

I'll close now and hope some day we can meet. I hope you can read this. I don't write so well since I'm older. I had a birthday on the 15th of July - 84 years old now. Would be glad to hear from you.

Mrs. Vera Junkins

P.S. I divorced my husband and found that (Junkins) was the best name after all.

From Evelyn Junkins Schuster, Osprey, FL

We have a grandson, Brent Michael Dreier, who served in the army against the Iraqi's this last year. He spent 7 months in Saudi and Iraque. He left August 24, 1990 and returned March 27th. On March 30th (three days later) his wife gave birth to a son, Eric Ryan Dreier.

Evelyn Junkins Schuster.

From Alan and Betty Junkins, Aston, PA

Our sixth grandson, Logan Dexter Junkins was born November 6, 1991. The proud parents — Ken and Kathy Junkins, Morrisville, PA.

Kevin and Anita Junkins of Washingtonville, NY announce the birth of a daughter, Kimberly Ann, September 19, 1991.

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