Those in Attendance (Ohio Reunion)

From JFA newsletter no. 5, Winter 1991

Mabel Cline Cridersville, OH
Lynn and Pat Cline Harrod, OH
Cindy Lynn and Peter Warner Cincinnati, OH
Eric Carl Cline Toledo, OH
Scott Patrick and Kim Cline Lima, OH
Scott Patrick Cline Lima, OH
Clifford and Mary Jo Junkins Holyoke, MA
Alan E. Junkins Holyoke, MA
Chester and Priscilla Junkins Hampden, ME
Eric Junkins Hampden, ME
Alan and Betty Junkins Aston, PA
Chester and Myrtle Pugh Weston, OH
Richard and Alice Pugh Wilmington, DE
John and Arlene Pugh Bowling Green, OH
Roland Junkins Franklin, NH
Donald Junkins Deerfield, MA
Mildred (Junkins) Hertzfield Waterville, OH
Loy and Betty Junkins Rossford, OH
Evelyn and Warren Schuster Osprey, FL
Maxine Frost Weston, OH
Dale and Betty Haas Bowling Green, OH
Dorothy and Jake Heilman Custar, OH
Dean Heilman Randolph, OH
Larry and Esther Heilman Custar, OH
Carol Barnes Bowling Green, OH
Erin, Laura and Sarah Barnes Bowling Green, OH
Irene Trumbull Weston, OH
Matt Trumbull Weston, OH
Lorraine Hilton Pickerington, OH
Eileen and Newton Bechstein Weston, OH
Robert and Sharon Junkins Lima, OH
Karl and Joanne Junkins Maumee, OH
Andrew Thomas Junkins Maumee, OH
Mary Beth Gratop Toledo, OH
John and Kathleen Junkins Toledo, OH
Joshua and James Junkins Toledo, OH
Karla Stanton Toledo, OH
Anne Stanton Toledo, OH
Paul Junkins Toledo, OH
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