1991 Board Meeting

On Saturday, August 17, 1991, the first meeting of the Board of Directors of the Junkins Family Association was held at the York Commons Inn, York, Maine. The following officers and Directors were present: Alan Junkins, President; Ruth Hodgin, Secretary; David Junkins, Treasurer; Roland Junkins, Director; Clifford and Mary Jo Junkins, Director Team; J. Russell and Anna Blease, Director Team; Ken and Kathy Junkins; Director Team; and Karl and Joanne Junkins, Director Team. The Board had assembled from Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Only two members of the Board were not able to attend.

The first order of business was the presentation of a draft of the By-Laws for the Junkins Family Association, prepared by Russell Blease. Russell went through the draft with the Board, article by article and each Director was asked to take their copy home for further study. After a proper period of time the Board was asked to send their suggestions for additions or changes to the By-Laws to Russell for consolidation into a final draft. This would then be presented to the Board again by mail. After their approval, the suggested By-Laws will be published in the spring 1992 newsletter and would be voted on at the business meeting of the Association in August of 1992.

The Treasurer then presented a financial report to the Board and asked to change the billing procedure, from date of original membership to annually, January 1 to December 31 with billing to go out in November. The Board approved the request and the President requested that the Treasurer notify members, by letter, of this change.

A third item of business was presented by the President concerning the dues structure. In order to provide for several situations that have come up during the past year, it was suggested that the membership fees be changed to the following:

  • Individual……………$10.00
  • Family…………………$15.00
  • Contributing……….$35.00
  • Sustaining…………..$70.00

The purpose of this change was to provide for families, member, spouse and dependent children under one membership fee, and those who may want to financially support the Association at a higher financial level.

The final item of business was the 1992 reunion meeting of the Association. The Board voted to hold the meeting during the second week of August and a reunion committee was then created as follows: Ken and Kathy Junkins, Chairman; Betty and Alan Junkins; and Ruth and Tom Hodgin. The preliminary report of the reunion committee was published on p. 3 of the JFA newsletter No. 5, Winter, 1991.

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