1990 Reunion Attendees

From JFA Newsletter no. 3, Winter 1990

Clifford E. Junkins, Sr. Holyoke, MA
Janet A. Junkins Holyoke, MA
Clifford E. Junkins, Jr. Holyoke, MA
David B. Junkins Huntington, MA
Evelyn B. Leck Saugus, MA
Howard C. Leck Saugus, MA
Lester H. Bills Wenham, MA
Ernestine J. Bills Wenham, MA
Roland W. Junkins Franklin, NH
Linda Leck Saugus, MA
J. Russell Blease Lincoln, RI
Anna M. Blease Lincoln, RI
Kevin D. Junkins Washingtonville, NY
Anita G. Junkins Washingtonville, NY
Raymond Junkins Washingtonville, NY
Miriam L. Proulx Salem, NH
Alan E. Junkins Holyoke, MA
Laurelle Junkins Christie Sharon Hill, PA
Richard Alan Christie Sharon Hill, PA
Albert O. Junkins Lisbon Center, NH
Madeline Junkins Lisbon Center, NH
Leonard P. Annis Southampton, MA
Margaret M. Annis Southampton, MA
Early R. Junkins Soldier Pond, ME
Norris Junkins Masardis, ME
Carelton A. Junkins Winterport, ME
Betty Jean Junkins Winterport, ME
Louise S. Junkins Winterport, ME
Chester Junkins Hampden, ME
Priscilla E. Junkins Hampden, ME
Harlan J. Pearl Chicopee, MA
Claire M. Pearl Chicopee, MA
Elaine G. Russell Kittery, ME
Alan D. Junkins Aston, PA
Betty F. Junkins Aston, PA
Donald A. Junkins Deerfield, MA
David E. Junkins Rye, NH
Grace Junkins Rye, NH
Ruth Hodgin York Beach, ME
Tom Hodgin York Beach, ME
Lee Anne Hodgin York Beach, ME
Jean Marino Presque Isle, ME
Rose Ann Hall Presque Isle, ME
Harry H. Junkins Portsmouth, NH
Nancy Junkins Portsmouth, NH
Daniel R. Junkins South Deerfield, MA
Kathleen Wheeler Brentwood, NH
Ellen Weir Brentwood, NH
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